Now that Spring has sprung it is time to go back to shopping at your local Farmer’s Market. Your local market  is Farmers Market   where you can get the freshest, in season, yummy produce.  Many markets also have cheese, olive oils, bakeries, nuts, and plants for your garden.  A market that is local to me even has fish and poultry along with Asian specialties. Some markets even have food trucks so you can  shop and then stop for coffee and relax; you can make an adventure out of your shopping trip.

April is also a good month to buy winter clothes and gear now that winter is almost over, furniture, and re-positioning cruises; the ships have to be moved to their summer ports for the season and a lot of specials are available

Seasonal shopping and stocking up at the right times can make a major impact in your budget.

Are You Open to Change?

I remember reading a book about the future of computers in the 60’s.  Computers in those days filled warehouses and had to be kept cool.  The book predicted that the use of computers may double in ten years.  Nobody understood at that time that computers could replicate themselves and their use would mushroom to what it is today.

Would you have been ready for the changes that were to come?  Are you flexible enough in your own thinking to embrace new technologies; are you open to change?  Many businesses were left behind because they couldn’t understand what was happening, and couldn’t accept change.

In today’s fast paced World it is imperative that you welcome change.  The old ways of doing business just don’t work anymore.  Your willingness to accept change can put you ahead of the competition in the marketplace.  You should be prepared to jump at every opportunity to improve your performance, product, or customer service.

The easiest way to measure your progress, and make timely course corrections is with ROI statistics.ROI is your return on investment.  Simply put it is the difference between your costs and your profits.  Did your changes allow you to pay all your costs and still have some left over.  Is it a substantial enough return to justify the expense?  If it is keep moving forward, if not change plans or strategies until you find the magic answer. Revisiting your Mission and Vision will help you get on the right track.

There are a lot of choices of tools such as landing pages, surveys, newsletters, web sites, email autoresponders, and shopping carts, and PayPal money management services. Use your internet to explore your choices or call on a consultant to help you formulate a plan.  The time you invest in research will yield a very positive ROI.







The After List

We all know about the importance of using “TO DO” lists to be more productive.  It also helps to write down the five most important things you have to do tomorrow before you turn in for the night. Both of these are good tools to use to improve your productivity.

Here is another version that can really get you started on the road to success. This works in the office, at home, and with any activities.  Throughout the day write down everything you do.  Include all projects; big and small.  Your list may include something as simple sounding as “got up on time” to something more complicated like “made a presentation”.

You will be amazed, especially if you think you have been running in circles, at how much you really get done in a day.  Take a few minutes at the end of the day to study your list and pat yourself on the back for all your small victories.  It has been said that it is easy to move a mountain if you do it “one spoonful at a time.”

This exercise, sweat not included, has several benefits.  When you  see just how much you can accomplish, you may find yourself wanting to tackle a few more projects, or you will find that you are not running in circles after all.  It will also help you keep focused an moving ahead.

Finally, make notes in your journal about how wonderful you are. Read them when you are in a funk to remind yourself just how special you are.

A True Romance

I have to bite my tongue to keep from putting her in her place.  She has some very annoying habits and ways of approaching life; she could give Joan of Arc a run for her money at martyrdom .There seems to be a right way, a wrong way, and her way. She does get points, however, for providing the companionship he so acutely needs.

They spent their teen years together and now they are spending their twilight years together.  They had been engaged 70 years ago, but her brother interfered.  Alas, the brother never told her why her love had vanished; he just let her believe that she had been abandoned.

She went on to marry well and lived a happy and fulfilling life for the next half century. She was able to travel, meet revered and influential people, make music and endow a school library.

For the next quarter of a century she lived alone and was able to cement her lifestyle, and do as she pleased.  Although she didn’t have a full time companion, she did have a myriad of friends with whom to share support, adventures, and life.

Through almost a century of living she still carried him in a special place in her heart.

Meantime, in a parallel world he left her behind and went to start his next chapter. He went to work in the family business and became a watchmaker.  His life was pre-determined and that was just the way it was.

After just a few years, possibly in an effort to escape his family, he joined the Army.  Chaos was reigning and World War II was destroying Europe and unbalancing the rest of the World.  On leave in San Francisco he met his true love.  The past was the past and he had to move on.  The fifth time they saw each other was their wedding day.  They were incredibly happy fot the next sixty six years.

Then, unexpectedly she was gone, and he was incredibly lonely and unhappy.

Internet to the rescue. He still remembered his first love fondly. He found her living in Florida; a long way from his California residence.  They became reacquainted on the phone and online. Modern air travel allowed them to visit each other on opposite coasts.  He eventually moved her to California.

A year has passed since they came back together.  They are happy to each have a playmate that cares, is fun, and gives them each the companionship each so acutely needs. Now smile—this is a true story.

Moving Forward with Purpose

Moving Forward with Purpose.

We have published a new issue of our “Coffee Break News” on the first and fifteenth of each month for over five years.  We hope that you have read and  enjoyed it and have learned a few new things that have helped your business or personal life.  If you have, we have achieved our goal. Our commitment to publication is a good example of persistence.

Persistence is very important to your business development, with certain caveats.  It is necessary to continue an activity or strategy long enough to know if it is returning the investment you planned; it is also necessary to know when to quit.  This can be a complex balancing act.  Knowing when enough is enough can be very hard to evaluate.

Your best bet is to have measureable goals at the beginning of your project.  These can be your guide to whether your project is proceeding on target, or was just another way to learn what will or won’t work. Fumbling along without a plan is a sure way to create chaos; a plan with goals is mandatory for any project.

We have enjoyed your comments about our newsletter, keep them coming.  They are the measure of our success.  We will continue to publish twice a month, let us know if there is a topic you want to see.  It is up to you to create a project for your business that will be a continuing success like our “Coffee Break News”.


 Are you taking advantage of every networking opportunity?  In today’s business climate you have to seize every opportunity.  This includes traditional advertising and public relations as well as the newer, wide open worlds of social media.  One of the most important continues to be networking.
We have belonged to a “lead club” for over 25 years.  A lead club is a group of business people (usually limited to only one representative from any particular industry) who meet on a regular basis to exchange information about developments in the business community. Even when I wasn’t in a position to use the leads, I still participated because it kept me in touch with what was happening around town.  The relationships that are fostered in these groups are much stronger, and more productive than the typical business relationship because you are working with people you know and trust.  The bonds that are formed between  members as they become friends and really care about the success of each other, are good for everybody’s business.  
I would be happy to share our model with anyone who is interested, just email your request.

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